The Relief from Acupuncture for ache in my back & legs has been terrific - Thank You! Appreciate your treatment Dr. Choi!
— Marilyn Gust / 85YRS / San Juan Capistrano

My Testimonial for Dr. Choi is special because he was an answer from my prayers. 2 years ago I barely could get out of bed or even walk without excruciating pain in my lower back. I had just about given up and was considering back surgery. The surgeon said it would be ‘opening up a can of worms.’ With no guarantees of worsening the problem of my lumbar 4 and 5 being fused. My nerves are clumping at the bottom of my spine and my surgery might cause damage to other organs. I felt desperate. I found him by this small ad he was running in a local newspaper. The Yin and Yang symbol caught my attention. I figured I had nothing to lose and this might be the sign I was looking for to get my body back into balance and out of pain. He saw me right away. I barely could get onto his acupuncture bed. I saw him 3 times a week for about two months and I am out of pain. I still have the lumbar 4/5 problems but by getting my (Chi) balance and the flow of Energy flowing I am living almost pain free. My experience was amazing! I still go to Dr. Choi to keep everything flowing. I also am taking his Herbs. Treating pain or any problem with natural remedies is the only way to go. See Dr. Choi. Do not do surgery. He was Gods answer to my prayers. Thank you Dr. Choi.
— Cindy Cook / 65 YRS / Capistrano Beach

Dr. Choi is very interested in your understanding how acupuncture works as well as you actually experiencing the healing benefits from his treatment. I initially came to him for clinching my teeth and stress; the treatments have helped me tremendously. Additionally, the peaceful atmosphere, music and his nurturing way foster a much-needed escape and this definitely helps my stress level. Dr. Choi has also been instrumental in helping my back issues and even my sprained ankle. He is the real deal, truly cares and definitely knows his trade.

Dr. Choi is awesome! He is a very kind and compassionate doctor. He takes the time to really listen to his patients and he always looks for the best possible solutions. Dr. Choi helped me with my severe knee pain with his herbal concoctions and acupuncture treatments and now my knee pain is completely gone after a few months. He also made me some ‘beauty herbs’ which helped me with my skin allergies. My new favorite treatment is cupping. The cupping treatments have significantly reduced my stress levels. Thank you so much Dr. Choi!
— Elaine Costa / 46YRS / Aliso Viejo

Dr. Choi is one of the kindnesses, understanding, and knowledgeable, insightful health practitioners. It is like walking into a heavenly atmosphere at AXOS Acupuncture. I have had many natural health practitioners help me for decades after a bicycle car accident. Dr. Choi not only had helped immensely with my health issues but had helped me to experience life in a gentler and peaceful manner.
— Margaret Davies / Laguna Niguel

Dr. Choi is amazing. He has treated me for chronic back pain, as well as for two back injuries in the past two years. At times, I have been in such extreme pain that my husband had to drive me to Dr. Choi’s office. I have hobbled into his office in extreme pain and walked out with significant pain relief. He knows just the right combination of cupping and acupuncture treatments to use different situations to bring maximum and lasting relief. Dr. Choi’s treatments have accelerated the healing time and enabled me to get back to work, business travel and my normal activities quickly. Several of my friends and colleagues have experienced equally successful treatments from Dr. Choi for a variety of ailments. I can say with confidence that Dr. Choi is an expert in his field.
— Christine Rostvold / 65yrs / San Juan Capistrano

I am continually amazed at the knowledge and effectiveness of Dr. Choi. I have been a patient for over 5 years. I came for a treatment of inflammation of my joints from strenuous physical training & activity. The doctor is always able to effectively and quickly restore me to my maximum potential. I have also been seeking Dr. Choi’s treatment for any ailment or illness, in my opinion, the treatments typically surpass any offered in traditional medicine, coupled with the integrity, caring, and friendliness the doctor provides. There is simply no better choice.
— David West / 50yrs / San Clemente
Dr. Jeff is amazing. I sleep more soundly, feel better overall and my body functions have improved. He has given me more energy and lowered my stress levels. I highly recommend seeing him on a regular schedule. I am 72 years old and feel like I did in my 60’s. I combine acupuncture with Dr. Jeff and Adjustments with Dr. Dan which keep my body in balance.
— Nancy Jo Stroud

Dr. Choi was able to help me with digestive problem and nausea with only 1 month of treatment. Since then he has helped me with lower back and knee pain. I am very happy with his knowledge and professionalism.
— Eleanor Cabada

After having suffered with digestive problems for over 3 months and having no success with over the counter medications, I decided to visit Axos Acupuncture. Dr Choi took the time to listen to my concerns before performing acupuncture. He also prescribed herbal tablets which I was to take daily after breakfast and dinner. I started to feel relief after a couple of sessions and felt more comfortable after each meal. Several sessions later, my stomach feels much stronger and I am not experiencing the nausea and excessive burping after each meal. I continue to take the herbal tablets and visit Dr Choi on a weekly basis. In addition, I am also more conscious of the type of food I am eating. In my opinion, if you can heal your body without taking over the counter medications, it has got to be kinder and healthier for your body.

Hope this helps,
— Suzanne

Dear Dr. Choi
Last year I had problems with loss of strength, fatigue, reduced energy, and diminished resistance to stress. I suffered from reoccuring injuries while working out with my trainer. My menstration became erratic and I experienced intense mood swings, night sweats (trouble sleeping) and PMS symptoms (anxiety) with my monthly cycle. My personal trainer suggested I get my hormones tested and my physician ran some tests with my yearly physical but the hormone and thyroid test came back normal. I started treatment with Axos Acupuncture in March of this year. Within 3-4 acupuncture treatments I felt my strength returning and I felt less tired all the time. After a couple of months I was less affected by stress and was sleeping through the night without any night sweats. Now my menstral cycles are back to normal and I don’t have any mood swings. The last couple of months I notice that I am symptom free and I learned what I thought was a hormonal imbalance was really my CHI out-of-balance.

Thank you for all you have done.
— Nancy Tyrone